Nissan Skyline NISMO Limited edition 2024

NISSAN Skyline NISMO 2024 Limited edition


Maker Nissan
Model Skyline NISMO Limited edition
Year 2024


JPY 12,650,000

approx. EUR 77,200 *
(*It may vary by exchange rate)


NISSAN Skyline NISMO 2024 Limited edition

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Scheduled delivery: April (Possible delay due to manufacturer’s circumstances.)

The Skyline NISMO is the final limited edition vehicle, with only 1000 units produced, developed to integrate NISMO’s unique racing technology in aerodynamics and chassis, aiming to create the ultimate GT car that is faster, more enjoyable, and safer to drive. It achieves a distinctive presence as a performance sedan with a low and wide stance, along with the culmination of the Skyline GT’s driving performance and demeanor through the NISMO-exclusive engine. The body dimensions of the Skyline NISMO measure 4835 × 1820 × 1440mm (length × width × height), with a wheelbase of 2850mm.
The vehicle weight is 1760kg, while the variant equipped with Recaro sports seats and carbon finishers weighs 1740kg.
The powertrain is powered by the Skyline NISMO-exclusive V6 DOHC 3.0-liter direct-injection turbocharged engine, the “VR30DDTT” type. Developed by the same team involved in the development of the SUPER GT GT500 race engine, it has been tuned using the same facilities. Compared to the base Skyline 400R, it delivers increased power output of 309kW (420PS) at 6400rpm, with maximum torque strengthened to 550Nm (56.1kgfm) at 2800-4400rpm. Additionally, SPORT and SPORT+ modes are offered alongside STANDARD, employing NISMO-exclusive AT shift schedules to maintain high engine revs for enhanced responsiveness during sporty driving.
The Skyline NISMO adopts specially developed Dunlop “SP SPORT MAXX GT600” tires with increased rear tire width by 20mm, balancing grip levels between front and rear tires. It features NISMO-exclusive Enkei 19-inch aluminum wheels with enhanced rigidity and lightweight properties, improving initial steering response and cornering stability. Furthermore, specific tuning to the suspension and stabilizers ensures high four-wheel contact patch on undulating surfaces while minimizing roll during cornering.
The braking system incorporates friction materials optimized for fade resistance, coupled with revised ABS control to shorten braking distances, aligned with the characteristics of the specialized tires and brake pads. Vehicle Dynamics Control (VDC) receives dedicated tuning for enhanced stability. The use of high-rigidity adhesive for windshield bonding, similar to that of the GT-R NISMO, enhances body stiffness without increasing vehicle weight.
The exterior design includes NISMO-exclusive front and rear bumpers and side sill covers, incorporating distinctive red accents, NISMO fog lamps, and emblems for instant recognition as a NISMO model. Notably, the front bumper lower grille and fog lamp surround design, along with a surfacing line running through the center of the rear wheels, pay homage to the robustness associated with the classic Skyline models.
Functional design elements aimed at reducing aerodynamic drag while significantly increasing downforce contribute to improved stability during high-speed driving.
Optimization of grille opening shapes and internal air guides enhances cooling performance for the radiator and oil cooler, allowing sustained sports driving with reduced air resistance. The Skyline NISMO is distinguished by the GT emblem on the front fenders.

The body color of this vehicle being offered is the exclusive NISMO Stealth Gray, and it comes equipped with optional NISMO-exclusive tuned Recaro sports seats.

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