Privacy Policy

Basic Policy on Protection of Personal Information

TPE Ltd. “TPE” will stipulate provisions concerning the protection of personal information, and ensure that its all employees are well informed of those provisions. In addition, TPE will request its transaction partners, etc. be compliance with the laws and regulations with regard to the handling of personal information, as well as supervise, guide or consult therewith when necessary.

In the collection of personal information, it will use mainly for reply of inquiry and for distribution of materials by email

TPE will not provide to a third party personal information provided by the customer unless there is justifiable reason to do so such as in cases under the laws or regulations, or except for in the case where any of the following items is applicable.

  1. When there is the prior consent of the customer
  2. When outsourcing handling of personal information to a third party within the scope necessary for achievement of the request of the customer.
  3. When demanded a disclosure by legal imperatives


TPE will make security management safe plan for handling of personal information and the like.

When TPE receives a request for disclosure, correction, deletion or suspension of use of personal data in its possession by the person himself/herself that provided the relevant information, as soon as the identification of the person is confirmed, TPE will endeavor to deal with the matter swiftly in accordance with the laws and regulations.

TPE will comply rules and operation with regard to security management, etc. of personal information based on Japanese law, and will strive to maintain a security management system by reviewing or taking other measures as needed.


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