Others Messerschmitt Tiger TG500 1958

Messerschmitt Tiger TG500


Maker Others
Model Messerschmitt Tiger TG500
Mileage 19,900 km
Year 1958


JPY 15,000,000

approx. EUR 113,600 / GBP 96,700 *
(*It may vary by exchange rate)


– Imported into Japan in November 1993
– Engine can be started
– The work of Japanese legendary restoration master, Shoichi Kitazawa, who passed away in 2004. Originally bought by a French man in South Africa, it had participated in a race in Mozambique before sold to Kitazawa who brought it into Japan in 1993. This TG500 was said to be long lost after the master’s death, however, recently re-discovered.
– All dismantled parts shown in the photos can be put back (Pedal is on pending due to the choice of bolt/ Return spring for the brake has some rust and left unattached)

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