Ford Sierra RS Cosworth Group N


Maker Ford
Model Ford Sierra Cosworth Group N
Mileage 10,500 km
Year 1986


EUR 54,000


This historical high performance car was droven with Italian driver, Claudio De Cecco, Vittorio Caneva and Paolo Pasutti in lots of car racing

Transmission: 5 speed manual gearbox
Engine: 2 liters – 349HP

Fixed the engine, running perfectly as new -New Engine around 500km since it was rebuilt
Mechanics full serviced

HTP (Historic Technical Passport) for racing uphill, track and rally with 4 speedline wheels

Configured for uphill racing, track racing and N Group Rally

EXTRA PARTS: 4 original cosworth wheels / 4 “SPEEDLINE” wheels / SIEM Headlights / 4 Additional SIEM High Power Headlamps for racing /
Transmission Shaft / 1 Extra Car Seat / 2 Race Helmets