Porsche 911 (E-964A) 1993 91,800km
Price: JPY 12,600,000 / EUR 74,117 / USD 78,750* **
(*It may vary by exchange rate.**Plus our commission 5%)
Year: 1993

Mileage: 91,800km

Length×Width×Height(cm): 424.5×166×131

Weight: 1,380kg

Displacement: 3,600cc

5 Speed manual transmission

The Porsche 911 (E-964A) was built and sold between 1989 and 1993, with approximately 63,762 units produced before the Type 993 replaced it.
It is the least sold of the 911 series and in recent years has seen its trading price rise.
The 964 is still felt to be a vehicle that can be classified as a classic, as the 993 that followed has been updated to be considerably more modern in many areas, including the introduction of multi-links.
The 964 was initially sold in 4WD and later in 2WD.
It is very interesting that both the front-heavy R32 GT-R and the rear-heavy 911 adopted 4WD at the same time.
Today, thanks to improved tyre performance and precise torque management, even FWD 2WD cars can be driven at high average speeds without worry, but we hope you enjoy the rear-heavy 2WD of this era.
This vehicle has been fully painted from Guards Red to the rare Maritime Blue and has a clean paint surface as it is garage kept and not driven in the rain.
The car has a lot of RUF parts but still has the stock look.
The electrical system is protected by a kill switch when the engine is stopped.
This also prevents the battery from running out of power.
The vehicle will be driven a little, so the distance will increase a little, but it will be kept in a dynamic preservation, so it is mechanically good.
The car is not usually driven in wet weather and is stored in a garage.
The car has no complaints at all and is a good machine, but as it is almost never ridden, the seller decided to let it go.
Accident history: no accidents. No accidents at time of purchase.
It has never been driven on a circuit.

Exterior condition:
The body colour is Maritime Blue. It has been repainted and the original colour is Guards Red.
The paintwork is shiny and in very good condition. It has been glass coated in the past. The car is not ridden in the rain or at night.
Front and rear bumpers have been changed to RS specification, front dummy fog lamps.
RS logo on the rear.
All glass is clear and undistorted.

Interior condition:
The dashboard is in good condition with no cracks or deterioration.
The steering wheel is MOMO black leather, black spokes, with yellow leather centre markings that can be seen on the top. Audio system is included.
The pedals are RUF, with white instruments and the lenses have been replaced and are not fogged up.
Driver’s seat, RECALO seats to prevent back pain, but will be normal at time of delivery.
Passenger’s seat, the upholstery is in good condition. There are no dents. The seat belts and shift boot are also blue, giving a uniform look.
The door linings, etc. are in stock condition. Synthetic leather, moquette and steel sheet are all in good condition. No rust on the underside of the doors.
Weatherstrips and mouldings are in good condition with no signs of deterioration.
Carpets in the front boot are in good condition.
The car was no smoking and had no pets.

The condition of the engine and transmission:
Maintenance was carried out by unloading the engine and transmission.
Oil spills and leaks have been completely stopped.
The following parts were replaced.
The parts which were replaced:
Valve cover set (both upper and lower)
Chain cover set, gasket and seal ring
Chain tensioner gasket, O-ring
All the above gaskets
All plugs
Power steering housing O-rings and seals
Crank seals
Main driveshaft seals
Intermediate O-rings, thermostat O-rings
Air duct parts
Heat shield nut locks

No problems were found with the clutch.

The parts that were adjusted:
Tappet adjustment
Valve timing adjustment

Oil and filter were changed on 8 January 2023.

Oil and grease, front brake pads, left rear drive shaft boot, shift linkage bushes etc. were replaced.
As a result, feeling of the gear shift feels more direct.

Engine type 62, air-cooled horizontally opposed 6-cylinder OHC 3600cc
Max. output 250 hp (184 kW)/6100 rpm
Maximum torque 31.6kg-m (309.9N-m)/4800rpm
The engine itself was smooth from start to idle and no abnormalities were detected.
The fan belt is properly tensioned and there is no problem with the vibration during rotation.
The tappet adjustment and clutch RS have been changed at 72,000 km.
The muffler is a rare left and right hand muffler, which is also said to be a RUF muffler, but this has not been confirmed.

Underbody and undercarriage condition:
Front brake pads, left rear driveshaft boot, etc. have been replaced following vehicle inspection.
Front MacPherson strut + coil suspension with strut tower bar.
Rear has semi-trailing arms + coil suspension.
The previous owner had replaced both front and rear dampers, and they were made by RUF according to the shop who replaced them.
The front undercover is low and has some scuffs and scratches, but there is no major damage.
The brake hoses have been replaced with stainless steel ones for maintenance.
The wheels are RUF 17-inch wheels with HR spacers. The tyre grooves are still good.

Instrumentation and electrical system:
The vehicle has been inspected and the refrigerant gas for the cooler has been added. The cooler has been inspected and refrigerant gas has been added.
Lights are stock and dark, but have been replaced with RUF lenses.

Maintenance records(Routine service):
February 1998
February 2000
February 2002
May 2008

Since it is not driven in summer, the air-conditioning system is currently not refilled with refrigerant gas, but the evaporator and other parts have already been replaced, so it will work if refrigerant gas is added.
The year before last, oil pipe in the rear tyre house was replaced, and there are no other defects at present.


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