Porsche 911 Carrera 2 (Type 964) 1990 96,209km
Price: JPY 13,400,000 / EUR 78,823 / USD 83,750* **
(*It may vary by exchange rate.**Plus our commission 5%)
Year: 1990

Mileage: 96,209km

Length×Width×Height(cm): 425×165×132

Weight: 1,360kg

Displacement: 3,600cc

5 Speed manual transmission


2 Owner

Sliding roof

Colour: Slate grey

The current owner purchased the car from a Porsche specialist shop in Saitama in June 2013.
The current owner was enjoy driving the car with the frequency of use of about 3,000km a year, but recently, there are many more opportunities to enjoy the motorbike, and the opportunity to enjoy the 911 has decreased, so the decision was made to sell it.

The vehicle has been stored in a garage and never been used in the rain.

About Porsche 911 Carrera 2 Type964:
Porsche 911 Type964 is the third generation model that was manufactured and sold from 1989 to 1993. It was the second to last Porsche 911 with an air-cooled engine.
While it shares much in common with the exterior design of the Type 930, the 911 Carrera 4 (Type 964) has retained much of its traditional form, although 85% of its parts were newly designed.
Compared to the Type 930, the Type 964 is even more aerodynamic.
This is achieved in particular by the rounded, flowing lines of the front and rear sections and the use of a variable rear spoiler.
From 1990 onwards, a rear-wheel-drive version of the Type 964 (the first Tiptronic-equipped car), the 911 Carrera 2, was introduced, and from 1991 a turbo model also joined the range.
The model range included coupé, targa and cabriolet.
As a result, the Carrera body’s coefficient of drag (Cd = 0.32) was excellent aerodynamics for the time and the lowest of the air-cooled engine-powered 911 series.

Vehicle specifications:
Vehicle Inspection Certificate Description:
Vehicle name: Porsche
VIN number: WPOZZZZ96ZLS401***
Model: -964A-
Motor model: 62

Odometer reading: 94,300 km (19 April 2021)
Old odometer reading: 88,700 km (12 April 2021)

Front: 215/45R17 (Continental Contact MC5)
Rear: 255/40ZR17 (Continental Contact MC5)
Genuine 17-inch alloy wheels

Other Specifications:
Suspension was changed to Bilstein dampers about 3 years ago (stock suspension is not available).
Pioneer carrozzeria audio system
Panasonic portable navigation system Gorilla

Features and selling points:
The car has been serviced by a Porsche specialist shop after purchase, and oil changes have been carried out frequently.
The exterior paintwork is in good condition and clean.

Maintenance history:
There is a maintenance record after the purchase of the current owner.
The maintenance after purchase has been carried out at the Porsche specialty shop in Saitama where it was purchased.

-Maintenance history-
July 2013: Routine maintenance
Front oil leak ⇒ Replace hose
Oil leak at engine side ⇒ Hose replacement
Oil replacement
Door lock repaired
Belt sensor replaced

February 2014: Routine maintenance
Hub bearings replaced
Alignment adjustment

July 2014: Routine maintenance
Engine oil/element replaced

October 2014: Routine maintenance
Engine oil changed

February 2015: inspection at 72,500 km
Engine oil replaced
Brake oil replaced
Rear tyres (2) replaced

November 2015: Routine maintenance
Engine oil/element replaced

December 2015: Routine maintenance
Brake light switch replaced

April 2016: Routine maintenance
Front tyres (2)
Check for oil leaks, refill oil.

August 2016: Routine maintenance at 78,846 km
Air flow sensor checked
Ignition coil set replaced (used)
Spark plugs replaced
A/C repair (blower motor)
Fuel filter replaced

October 2016: Routine maintenance at 79,827 km
Key cylinder switch box replaced

March 2017: Inspection at 81,100 km
Tappet adjustment
Tappet cover gasket replaced
Spark plugs replaced
Ignition coil replacement (used)
LED headlamps
Engine oil/element replaced

May 2017: Routine maintenance
Belt replaced
Belt sensor replaced

November 2017: Routine maintenance
Stop lamp switch replaced

December 2017: Routine maintenance
Front tyres (2) replaced (Continental 215/45)
Front brake pads replaced – Alignment adjustment
Brake lights and couplers repaired

August 2019: Routine maintenance at 90,110 km
Transmission does not enter. Inspection and repair.
Shift linkage bushings replaced.

February 2020: Routine maintenance
Oil/element replaced

April 2021: Inspection
Oil/element renewed

Exterior condition:
The slate grey paintwork is in very good condition with no fading, gloss and luster overall.
A coin scratch on the left quarter (upper part of the rear tyre) and a scratch from a stepping stone on the front hood has been repaied, but at a glance, the repair marks are not noticeable.
The windscreen has been replaced due to skipping stone scratches.
There is a crack on the rear garnish (centre).
There are no rim scratches on the alloy wheels.

Interior condition:
There are no scratches or stains on the leather seats, but there are some scuffs on the side supports.
The door linings are good with no major scratches or stains.
The dashboard is clean and in good condition with no cracks.
There is no dripping on the roof lining.

The condition of the engine:
The condition of the engine is good, but there are a few oil leaks.
The condition of the transmission is also good.
Suspension is good.
The exhaust system is in good condition with no leaks or noises.
The sliding roof has never been used after purchase, so not sure how it works.
The rear spoiler has never been used after purchase, so not sure how well it works.
The AC needs to be filled with gas. (There is probably a leak and had to be refilled almost every year. You can feel the coolness.)

Current defects, missing items, etc.:
Gas leakage from the AC. (The cause and location of the leak is unknown as it has not been identified.)
The rear wiper is missing.

Other items:
There is an instruction manual (made by Mitsuwa), but there is no spare key.

Continuous vehicle inspection and maintenance has been carried out. Next vehicle inspection expiry date: 24 May 2025, current mileage: 96,606 km.
No parts were replaced at the time of last inspection, but the engine oil was changed and additives were injected.


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