Mercedes-Benz W124 BRABUS Complete 500E 6.0 2001 118,400km
Price: JPY 8,980,000 / EUR 52,000 / USD 57,000* **
(*It may vary by exchange rate.**Plus our commission 10%)
Year: 2001

Mileage: 118,400km (Odometer replaced at 60,000km)

Automatic transmission

Genuine caliper replaced

Air conditioning

Radiator and shock absorber replaced

Length: 472 cm/ Width: 178 cm /Height: 140 cm / Weight 1750 kg

Displacement: 5,930 cc

Rare and authentic BRABUS 6.0 500E complete model

4 Door sedan

408 ps/5600 rpm, 61.6 kgm/3800 rpm

Based on the Porsche Line 500E. Further tuning by BRABAUS craftsmen.
Raised from 5,000 cc to 6,000 cc, reaching 408 hp/5600 rpm 61.6 kgm/3800 rpm
The best tuning of the Porsche line (developed and produced by Porsche) and Brabus.
The vehicle on which it is based is the 500E, of which only 10,479 were produced.
It is 56 mm wider than the base W124, with specially designed front and rear wings and bumpers.
The wide wings are the status that distinguishes the 500E from other W124s.
Eight-cylinder, 5-litre V-engine with 240 kW (326 hp) output, top speed of 250 km/h.
It has been regularly maintained by specialists who deal with many 500E, BRABUS and AMG cars, and the restoration has been carried out to the extent that it does not interfere with daily driving.
The meter was replaced in 2009 when the odometer was 60,000 km. It now has 170,000 km of actual running.
Front stabilisers are of normal stock.
Air conditioning, radiator and suspension have been maintained.
The interior ceiling has been reupholstered.
As for the engine, it is running low on oil and may need a head cover overhaul in the future.

Brake-Brakes BRABUS alcon brake calipers are beyond repair due to lack of parts, genuine 500E calipers and rotors are fitted. Removed alcon brake calipers available.
Muffler mount rubbers all replaced
Rear hub bearings replaced
Driveshaft boots overhauled
Rear shock absorbers, left and right replaced
Accelerator wire linkage side brake engine cleaner
Distributor cap rotor 
Fuel pump and fuel hose replaced
Automatic transmission selector linkage bushes replaced
Steering bush replaced
Real arm ball joint boot replaced
Engine cleaner filter, air cleaner and accelerator wires replaced
Water pump replaced
Engine crankshaft front oil seal replaced
Thermostat replaced Air conditioner gas replenished
Driver’s power seat switch repaired

In 2020:
Front shock absorber replaced and repaired
Front upper mounts replaced
Computer box 
Cooling blower motor replaced
E-GAS control unit overhauled
Steering damper replaced
Overhaul of ASR unit
Radiator sub-tank replaced, Coolant level sensor replaced, Radiator overflow hose replaced
Distributor cap Inner cap Moisture control treatment installed
Ignition coil replaced
Steering tie rods replaced
Front stabiliser replacement
Interior blower motor replaced
Power steering fluid filter replaced
Gasket hose replaced and repaired
Radiator body cooling water leakage repaired and installed
Air conditioning repaired
Evaporator replaced
Air conditioning compressor replaced
Liquid tank replaced
Heater core replaced
Electric fan forced rotation switch repaired
Repair and installation of headlights 
Door lock pump centralised door lock replaced
Disbi inner cup replaced
Fan belt replaced
Van belt tensioner replaced
Automatic transmission selector lever linkage bush replaced
Front hub bearing kit
Electric fan replaced Oil pan level sensor replaced
Coolant socket cover replaced
Rear subframe mount replaced
Diff mount replaced
Water pump replaced
Air conditioning condenser replaced
Suspension replaced and repaired
BTC Front rear shock H&R suspension
Radiator replaced



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