Ferrari 812 Competizione Coupe & Aperta 2022

Posted by: Yuki.H

This time, we are pleased to present the latest V12 limited edition model of Ferrari, the ultimate in concept.

Maximum Power:830 cv
Maximum Revs:9,500 rpm
Overall DisplacementT:6496 cc

Max Speed 340km/h, 0-100km/h 2.85 sec, 0-200km/h 7.5 sec.
Carbon fiber is used throughout for maximum performance


Ferrari 812 Competizione Coupe 2022 Order Slot

List Price(Net): EUR 550,000 + Premium Price: EU 430,000
=Total Car Price(Net): EUR 980,000 *

(*Plus our commission 5%)


Ferrari 812 Competizione Aperta 2022 Order Slot

Car Price (VAT Paid): EUR1,100,000 (including option) *

(*Plus our commission 5%)


Delivery Schedule

Ferrari 812 Competizione Coupe:1st Qtr. 2022

Ferrari 812 Competizione Aperta3rd Qtr. 2022

(It is maker convenience and may be changed without a notice.)

The deadline for selecting options is approaching.
If you are interested, please contact us now.
We will be happy to explain the details to you.