Nissan Skyline BCNR33 GT-R


Maker Nissan
Model Skyline BCNR33 GT-R
Mileage 98,959 km
Year 1995


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Nissan Skyline BCNR33 GT-R

Mileage: 98,959km (Mileage as at 12th of December, 2013: 34,906km Current meter: 64,053km. There is a meter replacement history)

Colour: White

No repair history

Comes with main key, keyless and FORCE security


Engine related:
-NISMO meter 35,040km, after equipped: 29,013km
-Equipped with BNR34 Nur N1(24U) rebuit engine
-IN/EX TOMEI metal gasket set
-MICRO-V enhanced belt
-Replaced all water hoses and air regulators
-BILLION low temperature thermostat
-RH9 Hyper alternator

Turbin related:
-HKS GT-SS sport turbin kit
-HKS enhanced actuator

Intake and exhaust related:
-BLITZ SUS POWER air cleaner
-APEXi SUS front pipe
-SARD metal catalyzer
-APEXi muffler

Fuel related:
-RH9 large capacity fuel pump
-Feul enhanced harness

Cooling related:
-TRUST TYPE-R intercooler
-TRUST intercooler piping
-TRUST TWR radiator

Drive and suspension related:
-NISMO copper mix clutch
-NISMO enhanced clutch cover
-NISMO light weight flywheel
-NISMO front tension rod
-NISMO front upper link bush
-NISMO front third link bush
-NISMO rear A arm
-NISMO rear upper arm (front)
-NISMO rear upper arm (rear)
-NISMO rear axel bush
-NISMO rear shock mount bush

Controller & CPU:
-TRUST Prfec-B Spec-2 boost controller
-BILLION VFC PRO electric fan controller

Gauge related:
-NISMO 320KM full scale meter
-ULTRA auto turbo timer

Exterior related:
-NISMO front lip spoiler
-NISMO under diffuser
-Genuine OP N1 bumper duct
-Genuine OP rear mud guard

Interior related:
-Carrozzeria CD Audio
-Panasonic ETC