Bugatti Chiron PUR SPORT


Maker Bugatti
Model Chiron PUR SPORT
Year 2020


Price on Request


Excited to offer an order slot of Bugatti Chiron PUR SPORT.
It’s a special model in Bugatti Chiron.
Please contact us for further detail.

All photos are sample images and it is not photos of the actual car.

– a pure driving machine
– the Driving Idea behind it… To achieve:
– A substantial and daring evolution of the Chiron concept “Form follows performance”
– More radical, more aggressive, more dramatic, lighter and more performance oriented… “More beast, but still beauty”
– Significant technological improvements on chassis, aerodynamics, gearbox and engine: “Pushing the limits even further”

Enhanced W16 cylinder
New Gearbox Ratio
Stiffer Suspension
New Chassis and Setup
New Wheels & Brakes -50kg
Limitation to 60 Units

Get inspired… to create your own… Bugatti Chiron PUR SUPORT.