Porsche 911(Type930) Carrera 3.2 1989 56,000km
Price: JPY 19,800,000 / EUR 132,000* **
(*It may vary by exchange rate.**Plus our commission 5%)
Year: 1989

Mileage: 56,000km

Colour: Guards Red with black interior

Displacement: 3,200cc

4 Seater

No repair history


5 Speed manual transmission


-CD Player
-Car stereo
-Genuine 16 inch Alloy wheels
-Service book available
-Air conditioning
-Power windows -Power seats
-Genuine front spoiler

[Maintenance history]
18 Sep 2014 46,850 km Code Nine Factory (delivery maintenance)
engine oil, brake fluid, battery, spark plugs, High tension code, air filter, fuel filter, fan belt, cooler belt, Muffler, F/R shocks, tyres 4 wheels, ride height adjustment, alignment adjustment, stop lamp, Back light, F/R hood damper, retrofit installation, A/C gas charge, A/C hose, F/R condenser high pressure check, F ball joint, F/R brake caliper O/H, L driveshaft boot, oil level sensor, steering shaft bearing, shift bush, Washer check valve, rator, exhaust pan, recirc tank, fuel hose, Wiper blades, valve clearance adjustment
23 Dec 2015 49,760 km Porsche Centre (12-month check-up)
Engine oil, tyre pressure adjustment
26 Nov 2016 51,327 km Porsche Centre (vehicle inspection)
Disc cap, disc rotor, fan belt, high flares, F/R Brake pads, brake pads, F hub seals, F wheel bearing adjustment, rubber sleeve, rubber sleeve band, Door S/W cover, tyre pressure adjustment, underbody paint
6 Dec 2017 52,553 km Porsche Centre (12-month check)
Engine oil, oil filter, F wiper blade, right rear drive shaft boot
24 Nov 2018 53,849 km Porsche Centre (vehicle maintenance)
Engine oil, brake fluid, tyre pressure adjustment
11 December 2019 54,737 km Porsche Centre (12-month inspection)
Engine oil, drain washer, engine oil pressure S/W, thermostat O-ring
29 Nov 2020 55,671 km Porsche Centre (vehicle inspection and maintenance)
Engine oil, oil filter, brake fluid, high flare, Air element, crank angle sensor, TDC sensor


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