Porsche 911S the 1st Prototype 1967 (Fully Restored)
Price: JPY 65,000,000/ EUR 448,300/ USD 481,500* **
(*It may vary by exchange rate. **Plus our commission 5%)
TPE is proud to offer fully restored the first prototype of Porsche 911S 1967. Please refer to below links for detailed photos as well as below photos for certifications.
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Photos of documents and certifications

For information of the first owner/ Hans Hermann/ German Racing DriverClick here
Also please refer to a comment from the owner on its restoration as below:

This is the information is very hard to find. We cannot verify who did the modifications to the LWB or SWB. Porsche tell us they do not have this information as no records exist on what was being tested. I have contacted porsche archives in Germany several times and they claim there was a fire once in the 1970s which information was lost. The old owner who I bought the car from in South Africa. Purchased the car as is from Auction in the early 1980s. So no known link or history before this auction has been found. The car was definitely built as a SWB. It is listed as a prototype or Versuch. It was used by Porsche test department from 67 to 69. So I am only speculating that porsche did these changes. Due to many things on the car being for later model but with early stamps. Thos offers the suggestion that Porsche did these conversion to LWB. Also considering the timing of when LWB cars were offered for sale. The theory makes sence. I have emailed many porsche experts over the years which I have copies of in the file. But sadly I never could find that info. The prototypeS V stamped calipers on the front only fit later model suspension. This to is a clue. But since I could not find the proof I would have liked. I decided to make the car original for the 1967 build date which is SWB.

The work of changing car from back from LWB back to SWB was done by my Father and I and his business called www.Baileycars.co.za they do restorations and special built classic cars . Work dine before on ferrari f40. koenigsegg. Muira. Classic f1 and countless porsche recreation builds of 917. So this restoration on the car was regular work for them.