Porsche 911 (964) Turbo 1991 49,000miles
Price: GBP 165,000 / EUR 191,000* **
(*It may vary by exchange rate.**Plus our commission 6%)
Year: 1991

Mileage: 49,000 miles

Colour: Grand Prix White Exterior with Matador red special leather interior

Full Service Records

Maintained regardless of cost


This car is immaculate. Like out of the Box

Date of registration: 8 January 1992

5 owners


Engine number: 61M02959

Transmission number: 2M03060

Matching numbers

Options: Limited slip differential
Electric sports seats left
Electric sports seat right
Blaupunkt Symphony RDS

This car has been maintained its entire life with no expense spared attitude and nearly all its history is with Porsche at Wilmslow. I looked at approx 10 cars before I purchased this one, it was way better than the rest. Its service history and providence like this is hard to find and it also comes with its original Blaupunkt symphony radio,tool kit with gloves and bag, tyre compressor and tyre gauge.
Under bonnet VIN decal, 2 x keys & immobiliser fobs, certificate of authenticity, tek battery charger and custom made indoor car cover.

1st OWNER :
Mr Alec Waddicor from Bowness on Windermere purchased it new from Parker & Parker on 9 January 1992 with registration number 4965A W.he kept the car until 27 August 1992 when he removed his registration number and replaced it with J159SVU and then sold it to Stratton's Wilmslow.
2nd OWNER :
The new owner purchased the car from Stratton's Wilmslow on the 11 November 1992 and put his personal registration number A1NJN on the car.
On the 18 January 1994 he sold the car to Lancaster at Colchester. His personal registration number was removed and replaced with J557BWC.
12 November 1992 serviced 736 miles Strattons (Wilmslow) Itd
3rd OWNER:
Mr KW Jones from Gwynedd purchased the car on the 18 January 1994 from Lancaster at Colchester with approx. 3000 miles for €54000 he then removed registration number J557BWC and put his personal registration number HIKWJ on the car. He sold the car to Stratstone Wilmslow March 1995.
17 January 1994 serviced 2716 miles Lancaster (Colchester)Ita
3 March 1994 serviced 5500 miles Stratstone of Wilmslow
25 August 1994 serviced 11006 miles Stratstone of Wilmslow
12 December 1994 serviced 16812 miles Stratstone of Wilmslow
4th Owner:
Mr J Moss owner of Merlin Cycles Ltd from Ormskirk purchased the car from Stratstone of Wilmslow on the 21 March 199S. The car had 19000 miles on the clock and cost €52075 .the registration number H1KWJ was removed and replaced with OZ939 on the 20 March 1995.Mr Moss then sold it back to Stratstone of Wilmslow April 1997 without his personal registration number OZ939 and put age related number on from the DVLA J854RCC on the 29 April 1997.
14 March 1995 M.O.T 18986 miles Stratstone
20 February 1996 serviced 21194 miles Stratstone of Wilmslow
13 March 1996 M.O.T 21364 miles W.Rigbye
28 February 1997 serviced 23290 miles Stratstone of Wilmslow
28 February 1997 M.O.T 23290 miles Harpers auto centre
5th OWNER:
Mr SW Smith from Stoke on Trent then purchased the car from Stratstone Wilmslow on the 10 July 1997 with 25000 miles for f42225.he then removed registration number J854RCC and put on his registration number AAZ3306. Mr smith kept the car for 17 years and then sold it Gmund cars of Knaresborough April 2014.
14 January 1998 serviced 27154 miles Stratstone of Wilmslow 4 July 1998 M.O.T 28692 miles A Hissey & son Ltd
14 June 1999 serviced 31238 miles Stratstone of Wilmslow
15 June 1999 M.O.T 31241 miles Harpers Auto centre
3 April 2000 serviced 33501 miles Stratstone of Wilmslow
6 September 2000 M.O.T 34298 miles W H Jervis & sons
7 September 2001 M.O.T 37084 miles W H Jervis & sons
16 September 2002 serviced 40161 miles W H Jervis & sons
16 September 2002 M.O.T 40161 miles W H Jervis & sons
19 September 2003 M.O.T 43162 miles W H Jervis & sons
16 June 2005 M.O.T 47882 miles W H Jervis & sons
9 August 2006 M.O.T 47897 miles W H Jervis & Sons
4 August 2010 serviced 47900 miles Porsche centre Wilmslow €2611
1 September 2010 M.O.T 47913 miles E and D Motors
27 March 2012 repair 47996 miles Porsche centre Wilmslow, battery etc £1147
6 July 2012 repair 47999 miles JMH automotive Cheshire/S heads studs replace £5367
18 September 2013 M.O.T 48005 miles E and D Motors
17 October 2013 serviced 48005 miles Porsche centre Wilmslow £2531
17 February 2014 repair PF Autos Stoke on Trent,2 x new heat exchangers £2057
6th OWNER (not registered):
C J Leonard & Sons Ltd from Guisborough Bought the car for there collection from Avantgarde cars at Tamworth (Gmund cars sold it to Avantgarde cars )on the 10 April 2015 with 48379 miles.
10 April 2015 M.O.T 48383 miles N & S service Tamworth
25 August 2015 serviced 48406 miles Porsche centre Leeds
11 November 2015 repair 48406 miles Porsche centre Leeds, replace all cylinder head studs (upgraded)HT leads, distributer cap etc,£8897
6 May 2016 M.O.T 48410 miles safari garage Saltburn


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