Porsche 356 A T2 1600 Super 1958 5,520km
Price: EUR 194,950 **
(**Plus our commission 5%)
Year: 1958

Mileage: 5,520km

The 356 came in different body styles and engine configurations. The 356 that we have on offer is one of the more powerful engines being the 1600 Super. This produces a staggering 75hp from a flat 4 engine. The 1600 Super was not only different engine wise, but was also finished more luxurious way. In total, only 20% of 356 A came out of the factory in 1600 Super configuration, making this a rare car.

This 356 was delivered new in August of 1958 by Porsche Dealer Hofman in New York. Its first owner kept the car until the eighties and subsequently sold it to its second owner. It wasn’t until 2015 that the car came into possession of its last caretaker, with the intention of restoring this car back to its former glory. The restoration was done over a time period of 2 years. The aim of this restoration was to bring the car back into its factory specification and a lot of time and research was done to achieve this. To restore the car into its correct specification , ‘Neil’s Book, the 356A Porsche’ was used. This gives a detailed view on every single detail from an unrestored Porsche 356A. This 356 was restored to the exact same specification as the unrestored car from the book, bringing the car back to its factory condition. The complete restoration file of the car has been meticulously stored and is filled with every invoice for every screw that went into the car. Besides the Invoices, a large array of pictures where taken during the restoration to show the progress and attention to detail to which it was restored.

The quality of a restoration lies in the details, and the quality of this restoration is visible both inside and out. Starting on the outside, we can find the beautiful colour of Elfenbein. This was not only applied to the body of the car, but also the front and rear bumper as per factory specification. when looking at the front of the car, we can find the big blinker housings. These were only used for a couple of months on the 356 and are correct for the build time of this particular example. A set of original Marchal fog lights was also fitted to this 356 to finish off the front of the car. When looking at the side of this car, we find an original and very rare Hirschmann antenna. This was acquired by the owner after months of search and was sourced in Canada. This was also completely restored and is still fitted with its red top. Continuing on the side, we find a complete set of matching Lemmerz wheels. The Lemmerz wheels were originally produced 3 months before they went onto a 356 on the assembly line. This means they have to be dated 3 months before the production date of the car they are fitted on. In this particular case, they are correctly matching this car with a production date of week 5 in 1958. When looking at the back of this 356, we can find the beautiful chrome finished bumper fins, that also serve as exhaust tips. On the rear taillight housing, we can also find the original part numbers still visible. These indicate the originality of the parts used. To receive the best possible finish of the logo’s and emblems on this 356, a jeweler was tasked to refinish them. Their attention to detail brought them back to factory new condition with no blemishes to be found.

When going to the interior of the car, we can find a beautiful red leatherette interior. The attention to detail of the exterior, is also visible on the interior of the car. Every single part has been refinished in original specification .with the use of original parts where possible. Starting on the carpet of this car. This was reproduced by Porsche in a limited run and the only reproduction carpet available in the correct and original colour for this car. The rear seat is held in place by OEM Porsche rubber strap. The door rubbers were also cut 3 cm below the door jam. This is exactly as how it was done in the factory when they were new. Another factory feature is the red painted area in between the dashboard and the front window. This area was originally painted by hand in the factory at Reutter. This was recreated in this car to stay true to the original. This is one of the many items that show the attention to detail that was put into this restoration. The gauges were professionally refinished by VDO specialist and so was the original Radio. This is still fully functional and has the correct green background hue as per Porsche specification. During the restoration a new wiring loom was also fitted to complement the refinished electrical components and present nicely. This car however still retains its original 6V configuration throughout.

When we look at the luggage compartment, we can find all the correct attributes. Starting with the spare wheel, this is matching with the 4 wheels that are mounted on the car in terms of production date and makes the set complete. Looking further, we can find the original and extremely rare 356 Toolkit. This was also refinished as per factory specification, with all the correct tools and attributes present.

Today, this 356 is accompanied by its birth certificate, showing that this car is in its original specification. Furthermore, a Reutter book was commissioned with more information on this specific car and samples of its original interior materials. It also gives a good indication of the details. This report also indicates that the boot lid, engine lid, door ans body are correct and matching for this car. This is very rare for a car this age and adds to the overall value. Furthermore, this 356 is still fitted with its matching numbers engine and gearbox. A very rare sight on a car from this era. The engine and gearbox were completely overhauled by a dutch specialist and drive very well. These engines are often fitted with Weber carburettors to increase the horsepower on the car. Luckily, this has not been the case on this 356 as it is still fitted with the correct Solex carburettors.

The bodywork and rust repairs on this car where performed by Classic Car Restauration Van Leuven in the Netherlands. They completely refinished the car after it had received an acid dip and remanufactured new metal parts were needed. Every inch of the body of this 356 was looked at and examined on whether it would need any repairs or if a replacement part had to be made to take its place. Work commenced on the body in april of 2016 and was finished in October of the same year. During this time period, a total of 595 hours where put into the body to make it as good as new and eliminate every last bit of rust. An enormous 50.900€ was paid for the refinishing of the complete body.

This 356 is one of the best, if not the best examples available today. Restored to original specification in every possible way and fully documented throughout. A once in a lifetime opportunity to acquire a factory new Porsche 356, 54 years after it left the production line.

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