VECTOR PINZGAUER 718 6×6 Armoured vehicle 2,952 miles
Price: GBP 19,950 (No VAT)**
(**Plus our commission 20%)
Not registered but has MOT until 09.09.21

Their new price is in the region of £200,000 and would make a great overland camper or secure vehicle for anything

These replaced the Landrover Wolf and are in current use with the British Army

The Pinzgauer is one of the most capable all-terrain vehicles ever made

While not as fast on-road (110 kilometres per hour (68 mph))as an American Humvee, it can carry more troops, and move faster over rough trails

Towing capacity of 5,000 kilograms (11,023 lb)on road; and 1,500 kilograms (3,307 lb) or 1,800 kilograms (3,968 lb), respectively, off-road

It has a range of over 400 kilometres (249 miles) on one tank of fuel, or nearly 700 kilometres (435 mi) with the optional 125 litre tank

It is shipped with an air-cooled petrol engine with dual-Zenith 36 mm NDIX carburetors

The engine in the Pinzgauer was specifically designed for the vehicle

It has more than one oil pump so that the engine will not get starved of oil no matter how the vehicle is oriented