MIDAS Gold 1300 Turbo Coupe 1988 24,640Km RHD
Price: JPY 2,800,000 / EUR 19,000 / USD 20,000* **
(*It may vary by exchange rate.**Plus our commission 10%)
Fisrt registeration in January 1988. Unknown model in Japan, engine type 12H

Mileage: 24,640km


Vehicle weight: 770Kg

Seating capacity: 2 persons

Colour: Dark blue metallic gel coat

Length: 348cm
Width: 152cm
Height: 114cm

Accident and repair history: None

Genuine manufacturer’s Turbo

Imported new

Windscreen weatherstrip being replaced

Japanese vendor signed import and distribution agreement with Midas.
Imported 18 coupe models and 2 convertible models.
At the time, 4 of ‘Midas Gold 1300 Turbo Coupe’ were duly imported.

Subsequently, Maidas went bankrupt as a result of a fire.

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