Delage D12 2021
Price: 2,000,000 EUR * **
(*Without options **Plus our commission 4%)
Year: 2021

Only 30 units produced for sale
It is the first street-legal car equipped with the contractive suspension that revolutionised F1

Offering everything you could ask for, this car is the ultimate super car and you will love every moment in it

-First Deposit of 30% : 600 000 placed under sequestration
-Test of Vehicle end of spring, early of summer

If you confirms your order :
-New deposit of 40% (800 000) then the Delage Company collects the 30 and 40% deposits and the final collection (600 000) upon delivery of the vehicle.

If you want to sign without trying the vehicle,
-Deposit 70% (1 400 000) and the final collection (600 000 / 30%) always at the vehicle delivery.