BMW 318 BMW Works Car – Champion Car of 1993 BTCC (British Touring Car Championship)
The car was driven by Johann Himwinkelhock / German Driver who won the Series Champion car of
1993 British Touring Car Championship Race. It was imported to Japan in December 1993.
One of top Japanese driver, Keiichi Tsuchiya drove the car in 1994 JTC New Touring Car Championship.
Price: JPY9,900,000/ EUR79,500*
(*It may vary by exchange rate.)
1993 British Touring Car Championship(Previous year: 1992 Next year: 1994)
The 1993 Auto Trader RAC British Touring Car Championship took place in all 36 races and 17 races at the 36th British Touring Car Championship (BTCC), with BMW 318is Johann Himwinkelhock winning the driver title. BMW won the driver title for the second consecutive year, following the previous year.

Season summary
At the end of 1992, BMW changed the rules in such a way that they felt they were at a disadvantage, and as a result the BMW GB withdrew from the championship. Prodrive, which used to run BMW's plant, signed a contract with the well-known Subaru and converted to rally car manufacturing. Prodrive was also scheduled to join the Mercedes-Benz team competing in the C-Class in collaboration with AMG. Tim Sagden and Bernd Schneider, who play a central role in pro driving, planned to drive for the team.

The details
・Nissan will continue to be operated by Yang Speed. Keith Odor's team mate is former BTCC champion Win Percy. In addition, the third Primera produced by the Motorsports division in Nissan's Oppama was introduced and driven by Tiff Niedel. Odor won the 2nd place twice this year and won the pole position in Round 9 Silverstone. Odor won the race. Percy finished second and finished 1-2. ・Renault will enter this year. 1992 champion Tim Harvey transferred from BMW and was driving a prodrive BMW last year, but Alain Menu, who had to leave the season due to a bone fracture, will also join Renault from this year. Harvey and Menu both won one win each year.
・Toyota introduced the new Carina E from the same year. Two drivers are Will Hoi and Julian Bailey. Two Toyota drivers have also been on top of the season, with Bailey winning one. However, in the above Round 9 Silverstone, Huy, who was running at the top, came into contact with Bailey in 2nd place at the corner. Hui's machine turned over and turned upside down, and commentator Murray Walker parodyed Toyota's advertisement at the time, saying that "it is Toyota that turns the car upside down."
・BMW will have Schnier involved in team management after the withdrawal of Prodrive. As for the driver, Joachim Winkelhock participated in the BTCC from the same year instead of leaving Steve Sopar and Harvey. Winkelhock won the series championship in the first year of the race, surpassing Soper. BMW has won the driver title and the team title for the third consecutive year.
・Ford participated from Round 8 Pembrai. Lowes Sports, led by Andy Lowes, who had been affiliated with Toyota last year, will be affiliated with Ford from the same year, and Lowes and Paul Radisic will participate. Although it was a race from the middle of the series, Radisic got the 3rd place in the series.
・Two teams participated in Vauxhall as in the previous year. Vauxhall Sports will be followed by a combination of John Cleland and Jeff Alam. Ecurie Ecox, run by RML, was joined by David Lesley and Tiff Niedel before joining the Nissan team, followed by Harry Natal and Chris Goodwin in turn. This year, Cleland and Leslie have won one win each.
・Mazda changed the machine to Xedos 6 (Japan name: Eunos 500). Patrick Watts also continued to drive. Watts succeeded in gaining pole position in the third round, but retired due to multiple crashes immediately after the start. Although he recorded the fastest lap in the ninth round, he also retired in the same race and made four 4th place finishes three times, but did not win the podium. Watts was transferred to the Peugeot Works team the following year.
・Peugeot uses Rob Gravette and Eugene O'Brien. Gravette won second place in the Brands Hatch Round.

Team and driver editing
Team used vehicle car number driver round
Renault Dealer Racing Renault 19 1 Tim Harvey 1–8, 10–14 Tournament 19 Alan Menu 1–8, 10–14 Games
Team Securicor Toyota Toyota Carina E 2 Will Hoy All Round 21 Julian Bailey All Battles
Vauxhall Sport Vauxhall Cavalier 3 John Cleland all round 4 All Jeff Alam
Team Mondeo Ford Mondeo si 5 Andy Loews 7–14 Tournament 15 Paul Radisic 7–14 Tournament
BMW Motorsport Team BMW 318i 6 Steve Sopar All Round 22 Joachim Winkelhock All Battles
Park Lane Toyota Junior Team Toyota Carina E 10 James Kay 1–8, 10, 12–14 Tournament 20 Bobby Border Row All Battles
RKR with Silkolene at Halfords Peugeot 405 Mi16 14 Ian Flux All Battles
Nissan Castrol Racing Nissan Primera eGT 23 Keith Odor all races 24 Win Percy 1–4, 6–14 Tournament Tiff Niedel 5 Tournament 34 6–9, 11 Games
Peugeot Talbot Sport Peugeot 405 Mi16 45 Rob Gravette All Races 46 Eugene O'Brien All Battles
Team Mazda Sports Mazda Xedos 6 66 Patrick Watts All Races
Eculie Ecox Boxhall Boxhall Cavalier 78 Tiff Niedel 2 Tournament Harry Natal 3–14 Tournament 79 David Leslie All Round 80 Chris Goodwin 11, 14 Games

Team Dynamics BMW 318is 11 Ray Belm 2–4, 6–8 Andy Wallace 5 27 Alex Portman 1–6, 8–14 13 Matt Neill 1–11
BMW 318i 77 12–14 Pinkney Motorsport BMW 318is 12 Dave Pinkney 1–8, 11
Tamchester Team Maxted Vauxhall Cavalier 16 Ian Ashley 1–8, 10–14 17 Ian Khan All
Peggen Motorsport BMW M3 25 Peggen Anderson 1–2
Jim Wheels Ford Sierra Sapphire 26 Jim Wheels 3
Asquis Autosport Mazda 323F 32 Ian Cantwell 1–3, 6, 8
Bob Berridge Ford Sierra Sapphire 35 Bob Berridge 6, 8, 10–14

Team car number driver
BMW Motorsport Team BMW 318i 6 Steve Sooper
Ecully Ecoss Vauxhall Vauxhall Cavalier 78 Tiff Niedel
Ecully Ecoss Vauxhall Vauxhall Cavalier 79 David Leslie
Ecully Ecoss Vauxhall Vauxhall Cavalier 80 Hayden Misham
Colin David Racing Vauxhall Cavalier 16 Ian Ashley
Tamchester Team Maxted Vauxhall Cavalier 17 Ian Khan
Team Dynamics BMW 318i 11 Matt Neill
Team Dynamics BMW 318is 27 Alex Portman
Team Dynamics BMW 318is 77 Chris Rhea
Team Mondeo Ford Mondeo Si 5 Nigel Mansell
Team Mondeo Ford Mondeo Si 15 Paul Radisic
Thesander Motorsport BMW M3 30 Bent Tenanda
Park Lane Toyota Junior Team Toyota Carina E 8 Derek Warwick
Pinkney Motorsport BMW 318is 12 Dave Pinkney
Peugeot Talbot Sport Peugeot 405 Mi16 45 Rob Gravette
Peugeot Talbot Sport Peugeot 405 Mi16 46 Dave Coin
Petroline BMW 318i 33 Clarswort [de]
Mazda Racing Team Mazda Xedos 6 66 Patrick Watts

TOCA shootout
position. driver
1 David Leslie/ 2 Paul Radisic/ 3 Steve Sooper/ 4 Rob Gravette/ 5 dave coin/ 6 Tiff Niedel/ 7 Ian Ashley
NC Matt Neil/ NC Nigel Mansell/ NC Bent Tenanda/ NC Ian Khan/ NC Hayden Misham/ NC David Pinkney/ NC Derek Warwick/ NC Chris Rhea/ NC Clerswort/ NC Patrick Watts/ NC Alex Portman

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