Price: 1.7 Million EUR **
(**Plus our commission 5%)
The car presented is the last car made from the Autodelta Works team for the 1972 season. It raced with the team during the 72 season.
According to Mr. Carlo CHITTI in the document, the car was later sold by AutoDelta team to AutoHellas the Greek importer for Alfa Romeo and Ferrari to race the greek championship.
Other document from AutoDelta shows that prior to leaving italy, they equipped the car with a special autodelta V8 derived from the Montreal group 4 engine, with gear driven distribution, dry sump, race Spica injection, Dinoplex Ignition and 3000cm2 capacity.
From that point the car would be known as the Montreal V8 33TT3.

During Greek period, the car won the Tatoi grand prix in 1975. The car raced from it’s arrival in late 74 until 77.

The Actual owner raced with the car in Masters in GB and in CER lastely, and stopped it in 2015.
The Car is now race ready, just coming out an extensive revision by a well know race cars specialist in France.
It can be seen in South West France near a famous racetrack were we can plan to make the car running to show it to potential buyer.


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