Alfa Romeo 2600 Touring Spider 1964 96,800km
Price: JPY 14,400,000 / EUR 109,000 / USD 126,000* **
(*It may vary by exchange rate.**Plus our commission 5%)
Year: 1964

Mileage: 96,800km

"Carrozzeria touring two-plus-two open body"
The history of Touring begins in 1926. It originated from obtaining a patent for the body structure of Superleggera. It was a very lightweight and flexible structure. The first Lamborghini, the 1963 350GT, was also made by Touring. In addition, Ferrari also ordered models based on 212 and 340. Also, the Aston Martin DB4 and Maserati 3500GT have many design similarities with the Alfa Romeo 2600 Spider since they have bodies made by Touring of the same era.
It uses an aluminum block and head, and is equipped with a twin cam 6-cylinder engine that generates 147ps.
Coil springs were used on the front and rear, telescopic damper, servo assist disc brakes and a 5-speed manual gearbox was installed, and the maximum speed marked 200km in the catalog data.
The price at the time of the new car was just as expensive as two Giulietta spiders. Probably because of this, it has been used in several movies such as "Contempt Le Mepris" starring Brigitte Bardot in 1963 and "Simone S1 MONE" starring Al Pacino in 2002. It could be that it is a fashion item that brings out the sex appeal of adults regardless of gender.

Introduced in the book "MONO", "When I visited for the interview, this Alfa stood quietly bringing about a sportiness that still does not fade."

There are only 2,255 cars in total production, of which 2 are in Japan, including the one owned by a certain museum.

This particular car was imported by the owner 12 years ago in 2005 and registered for the first time in Japan.

The body colour is soft red and was restored eight years ago. Apparently, the true "Alfa Red" is this colour. (It feels more vermilion than the red of the current car.)
The hood seemed to be a little deteriorated, but there were no cracks in the clear part of the rear, so there seemed to be no practical problems.
The wheels have been replaced with wire wheels from the original steel wheels. (Original wheel set and center cap are included.)

The sheet is in good condition with no tears or cracks.
There seemed to be repair marks on the dashboard, got the impression that they had been carefully repaired.

Engine mission:
Weber twin choke carburetors have been replaced in triplets. (Original Solex is included.)
Overhauled the engine mission 10 years ago at a special shop that handles Mercedes SL300 and BMW 507. The mileage after the overhaul is within 10,000km.
The piston is made of high-quality machined duralumin.

It is a car that the owner has been taking good care of for 12 years.
The car is still in good shape after undergoing solid maintenance.


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