Mercedes-Benz 460 Nurburg Roadster 1928
Price: JPY 150,000,000 / EUR 1,111,000* **
(*It may vary by exchange rate.**Plus our commission 5%)
Year: 1928

It's an excellent car!

Between 1928 and 1933, 1,508 chassis were built, most of which were used as military vehicles during the war and are no longer extant. The 460 is actually a little-known car, but it actually completed the famous Nürburg link circuit in 1928. It holds the record for running 20,000km with the average speed of 64km/h for 13 days without a single stop for refuelling and without any breakdowns. Hence the name NURBURG. Interestingly, the side-valve inline 8-cylinder engine in the 460 was designed by Ferdinand Porsche himself, who later founded the Porsche company. 

The car is believed to have been designed as a right-hand drive car from the outset, as it was the actual car exhibited at the 1928 Olympia Show and later delivered in Australia. Unfortunately, Mercedes-Benz's factory except for the main plant in Sindelfingen were destroyed by fire during the war, so there are no records of the factory in Mannheimin where the 460 was built.

This car was built by Shneider & Kort, a coachwork company not known for one-off roadster bodies, and has a very sexy body compared to other simple sedans. 

The car which was in Australia until 1961, was used in races around Australia when it was purchased by Edward Du Cros of England. Mr Edward Du Cros, whose grandfather William Harvey Du Cros was a famous speculator in the UK, was from a family who was a financial sponsor of the tyre manufacturer Dunlop when it was established, and later played an important role in the establishment of car manufacturers such as Swift, Austin and Napier. The family is known as the Ford family of Britain. Incidentally, it was the Cros family who held the rights to import and sell the first Mercedes-Benz in the UK. 

In 1969, the car was purchased by Mr M.W. Robinson of Sydney. In the early 1970s, it belonged to the famous collector Mark Bedsole's collection and was later imported to the USA by Mr Richard Lisman of New York. The car is described in a number of Mercedes-Benz-related books, including the attached photos, and is pictured immediately after restoration in a book by renowned author Dennis Adler.


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