AMG GT-R (Special)
Price: EUR 525,000 (Netto) **
(**Plus our commission 5%)
Back in 2017, a member of the Mercedes Benz Circle of Exellence, decided to ask to AMG to built a limited number of a special AMG GT-R, for make an homage to the old Rotesau car & celebrate the 50th anniversary of the AMG brand.

The project took 2 years to prepare and do it, so the first car was done in 2017, but the rest 4 where done after tests & homologations of the first, in 2019.

AMG, built 5 correlative chassis & separate them from the buiding line, sending them their AMG racing & special projects division HWA. HWA is the company from Mercedes Benz, that for example did all the DTM cars, GT3 & GT4 cars, plus also the SL65 AMG Black Series, the CLK GTR Roadster or the CLK DTM.

The cars recieved some chassis modifications, short and fast gearbox, and upgrate of the engine to 840hp, plus other things.

There is now the opportunity to buy one of those units, which is registered in germany.

Having that unit, automatically the owner will enter to the Mercedes Benz Circle of Excellence.


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