Lamborghini LP400S Special model 1978 42,815km
Price: JPY 180,000,000 / EUR 1,384,000* **
(*It may vary by exchange rate.**Plus our commission 3%)
Chassis Number: 1121026




Mileage: 42,815km

Number of owners:3 owners before(but no registration in Japan)


The only one countach in the world.

Bravo Wheels,Electric big rear wing,Competition fire extinguishing system,Formula One steering wheel,Front impact bar,and no foglights.

Armin Johl and Fred personal Countach

This special car has beautiful story.
As you could see it, the car made for Mr.Armin Johl who is Mr.Ferrucio Lamborghini's best friend.

One day, Mr.Valentino Balboni was riding Armin Johl's countach for test drive.
At that time a tructor thurusted into the road suddenly!
That countach couldn't stop and tried to avoid that tructor.
The countach stepped aside, and dropped down into a truck farm.
Finally, the countach was flipflop and dead.(Mr. valentino could escape anyway.)

Instead of that countach, Lamborghini made special countach for recompense.

That is this special countach.

That's why the plate of printing words are "COSTRUZIONE SPECIARE PER L'AMICO ARMIN JOHL".

This car is based on countach series1 that means just only 50 cars in this world.

We have bundle of documents and pictures.Because of since 1981 to 1993, this car is in Arizona museum.
From 1994, Japanese owner had it.


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