Ferrari Dino 196S 1959 Revival
Car Price: JPY 42,000,000/ EUR 295,800* **
(*It may vary by exchange rate. **Plus our commission 5%)
Year: 1959
First Year Registration: 2012
Engine: 2400cc
Transmission: 5-Speed Manual
Configuration: LHD
Exterior Colour: Red
Chassis #: TR246
Vehicle Registration (in Japan): Expired
Current Location: Shizuoka/ Japan

Enjoy the style of ultra-rare racing car!

The racing scene in 1950s was full of excitement as newly founded Ferrari (established in 1947)
emerged against powerhouses such as Mercedes-Benz, Aston Martin, Jaguar and Maserati.

Today, Ferrari is famous for its 12 cylinders machine, however, in 1950s, they had just developed
a racing car with 6 cylinders known as V6 engine. This was called Dino unit.

Alfredo Ferrari, son of the founder of the brand, Enzo, was working as an engineer at Ferrari.
In 1956, he suddenly passed away due to health problem, and Enzo named the V6 engine after
his son’s childhood nickname, Dino (Dino was a short-form of Alfredino, meaning “Little Alfredo”,
as Enzo’s father was also Alfredo). Alfred’s idea of V6 engine had been passed on to Vittorio Jano
who eventually brought it to the world. Later, V6 engine was mounted for mid-ship car for the market,
and they all bore an emblem of Dino, not Ferrari. This was Enzo’s way to show his fatherly
love to his son who could had been as big as his father were if he had survived.

Dino V6 was originally mounted for Formula cars, then later used for front-engined racing cars
for its well-balanced weight. The most well-known of all is Ferrari Dino 196S manufactured in 1959.
The Fantuzzi designed Barchetta-body, which resembles 12 V engined Testa Rossa, still attracts
many of Ferrari enthusiasts to this day.

Ferrari only produced 3 units of Dino 196S. Their chassis numbers are; #0776, #0778 and #0784.
These models are all well worth over USD 9 million on the market today.

If you wish to enjoy the style of the car with closest possible original condition,
then “well-made” replica is perfect for you and this purpose. It is not impossible to reproduce
any vintage racing car including Ferrari, if skill and technique to produce racing cars are available.
It was probably very possible to produce perfect replicas with authentic parts and bodies made
using original mold, with helps of many ex-Ferrari engineers who were still alive in 1980s/ 90s.

This is a perfect example of a replica with a well-made frame and body. The engine is Dino V6/ 2400cc
which is likely taken from Fiat Dino Spider. Overall style is very well presented and it will guarantee
an exciting experience, just like driving the original, in speeding through tracks with its loud roaring sound.
This is a very well-made replica of a well-known racing car for those with style and wit.


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