Ferrari 275 GTB 2 Long Nose
Price(negotiable): JPY 430,000,000 / EUR 3,185,000* **
(*It may vary by exchange rate.**Plus our commission 3%)
Factory made partially aluminum body

100% original

Very good condition

This 275 is one of only 125 of the 435 "275 GTB/2s" built, and is one of only 58 factory long-nose torque-tube cars, which is even more valuable.
These 58 cars are considered the rarest of the 275s, excluding the comp cars, and are the most popular among those who like to drive because they are more fun to drive than the heavier cars of the late first class.
The car is all original and has already received a Classiche, usually referred to as a Red Book, by the factory. And of course, it will be delivered with the car.
The car has a steel body, but the doors, bonnet and boot are made of aluminium as a factory option, which is also listed in the Classiche book.
Another thing that makes this car unusual is that it is one of the last two cars of the last delivery date in September 1966, when the production of 275 GTB/2 has ceased.
It won the Platinum Award at the 1999 Cavallino Concours d'Elegance.
It is extremely difficult to win a Platinum Award at this event, which is judged not only on condition but also on history.
This actual 275 was also cast in the Ford v Ferrari film of the same year, and a photo of the car can be seen at
The current owner purchased the car in 2017 and has spent a considerable amount of money since to complete it to Platinum level. However he decided to sell the car due to his height being over 190 cm tall and has to tilt his head to drive it when he sits in the driver's seat.


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