Ferrari 250 TR 59/60 1959
Price: USD 1,200,000 **
(**Plus our commission 5%)
Year: 1959
Transmission: Manual
Engine: 3.0L
Body: Convertible
Fuel: Gas

This car is not using serial Ferrari parts but it is an identical and
probably the most perfect and identical evocation in every part, including
the unique TR59 gearbox. It is documented as a Ferrari 250 and it comes with
original Ferrari 250 VIN and engine numbers.The car was reconfigured around
30 years ago in the UK by Mr. Jim Allington, who was also the owners of
one of the original Ferrari 250 TR-59 units. Mr. Allington had a multimillionaire
offer for his original car and he decided to build three identical units
before releasing his original. These three units are probably the best
recreations ever built on a TR-59. This one which is probably the most
identical and well documented of the three sisters.
The car was built to a high standard and remains in excellent condition after
having undergone a top restoration by a Ferrari official dealer, with an
exceptional presentation.The interior is simple but very evocative.
The engine compartment is very clean and detailed, as well as the underside,
showing correct finishes throughout. This car is a blast to drive thanks
to the five-speed gearbox and tuned engine.This is a very fast and enjoyable
car to drive that will be a wonderful way for the new owner to enjoy
the feel and performance of one of the world’s most historically significant
Italian competition built automobiles. Moreover, the car has participated
at the 1990 Scottish Historic Motor Sport Tour and at the “Storiche
Biella-Modena” among others but it is eligible to many other European and
intercontinental events which have recently accepted the participation of
very accurate aluminum-bodied reconfigurations built from actual Ferrari VIN´s.


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